I cook without gluten

To go on a gluten-free diet, you must review all your eating habits and be familiar with foods containing gluten, which should be banned, as well as foods that may have traces of gluten that should not be consumed, and gluten-free products.
Whether you are allergic or simply hypersensitive to gluten (intolerance), the amount of gluten consumption varies …

Gluten is found mainly in wheat, but also in rye, barley, kamut (ancient variety of wheat) and spelt. Oats and small spelt can be tolerated, depending on the degree of intolerance of the body to this element.
It follows that the foods to be banned are those based on all these cereals, namely bread, sandwich bread, brioche, rusks, biscuits, pastries, biscuits, pasta, bulgur, couscous semolina, pie dough , pizza, pastry sheets, puff pastry, breadcrumbs ... it's very easy to know.
These foods should also be avoided: wheat starch, starch (if unspecified), oats, wheat, bulgur, bread crumbs, dextrins and maltodextrins (depending on the person), wheat dextrose (depending on people), soluble wheat extract, enriched white flour, wheat / rye / kamut / spelt flour ..., wheat, malt, noodles, pasta, seitan, malt syrup, glucose syrup, oat bran, bran wheat, wheat germ, gluten, oatmeal, kamut, semolina, triticale, vermicelli.

To avoid any risk, read the instructions.

While in the foods mentioned above, it is easy to know the presence of gluten, it is not easy to guess that the latter can be used as an additive in the food industry. Gluten can be found in many other foods, such as cubed broths, prepared meals, surimi, croquettes and donuts, ice creams, dessert creams, bechamel sauce or other, meat preparations (meatballs ...).
If the tolerance threshold is too low, it is advisable to avoid industrially manufactured products unless they are listed as foods in the 'gluten-free section'. Be careful and make sure you know all the components of the product, without exception.
It is known that the 'may contain traces of gluten' is now mandatory on the products concerned but not in all countries. This measure was taken to warn consumers of a potential risk and protect the manufacturer against a possible claim ... You will find the notice on some products according to their country of origin.